Naked The Hague teller


AD Naked Rotterdam

Naked I am myself.
Leon Schröder photographed 165 people with their clothes off. His project Naked Rotterdam is a sequel to and a tribute to the Naked series made by the American photographer Greg Friedler (1970-2015).

To show that every person is beautiful

Be the change, you wish to see’ is my life motto. I enter to show that every person is beautiful. Beauty isn’t just size 36, white and blonde hair. I consider myself a Big Black Beauty and that should be seen, that’s why I’m participating. Welzijnswerker, 37

A challenge to get naked

I entered because I already found Greg Friedler’s work fascinating and think this is a great initiative to honour him. And the fact that under all clothing you are ultimately just human and equal, despite the differences in appearance. Personally it was quite a challenge to go completely naked, but I like to push myself […]

A great win over myself

Portret Naked Rotterdam

Participating was a purely spontaneous reaction for me. I read it on RTV Rijnmond and registered right away. The idea that you will be immortalized and appear in a book was also a wish of mine. That this would be naked is a great victory over myself. Ingenieur, 37

Nudity is pure.

How do I feel at my best? Without clothes… also in front of the camera? Apparently yes… No clothes that hide who you really are. Clothes give a layer, who do you want to be, what do you want to look like, how do you want to be seen? Nudity is pure, is you, without […]

An often unattainable and unrealistic ideal image

The ideal of beauty is driven by media consumption. Because of the Eurocentric and especially white, slim ideal of beauty, the splendor of most individuals is set aside for an often unattainable and unrealistic ideal image. Since last year I am the proud daddy of my Empress. Half Iranian, quarter Brazilian, one eighth Italian and […]

That I was afraid of rejection

In the past I did things because I pretended they were supposed to, because I was afraid of the judgment of others. Now I know I was afraid of rejection. Rejection for who I am, for what I stand for and for what I believe in. I realize as I get older that it is […]

Not naked people, but people without clothes

The person without clothes is not strange to me, not only because of my work, but also because of regular sauna visits and visits to FKK beaches. Nevertheless, there was initially hesitation to participate in this project. But after looking at Greg Friedler’s books, in which, in my opinion, you don’t see naked people, but […]

Every body is unique

Being naked is too vulnerable for many people, including me. But by participating in this project, I exposed myself, even though people never thought I was good enough because of my skin color. I have come to appreciate myself even more, and I can look at the portraits with pride. I have learned to love […]