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Naked The Hague at Omroep West – TV Nieuws

Omroep West Naked The Hague

For a news item at Omroep West, Leon Schröder was interviewed about his new project Naked The Hague. Naked The Hague is a photo project with the theme ‘body image.
THE HAGUE – Photographer Leon Schröder is looking for 250 residents of The Hague who want to pose naked for a new book. He is looking for all kind of people. ‘Bodies that do not meet the standard of perfection as we are imposed’, he explains. “We’ve become so insecure and unhappy with the way we look that we think we’re not normal.”

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Naked The Hague

This is why a project like this is so important. What a pity if you don’t feel comfortable with your body.
Den Haag in the nude