From P.E. teacher to photographer

polaroid Leon Naked The Hague
the little Leon

In February 1962 I was born in de Sonoystraat in The Hague.

I went through primary and secondary school without many problems and from the age of thirteen I mainly focused on my sport: rugby at HRC,   the Haagse Rugby Club. I had a terrific time there. It has taught me a lot and it has largely shaped ‘the current Leon’.
After high school I went to the HALO on the Laan van Poot. I’ve always wanted to be a gym teacher. In 1986 I started teaching at the Dutch Lyceum and the Zuid-Walland School.

Haagse Rugby Club logo

During a summer holiday I met the woman I married 8 years later in Scotland. We have 3 children and now two grandchildren.  

When I was still in secondary school I was already experimenting with photography, at that time still analog of course.  It’s only recently that I’ve made it my profession. 

In 2017 I obtained my Masters in Photography at the Staffordshire University in England and I work as a photography teacher at the Hague University of Applied Sciences and the Dutch Academy of Image Creation (Fotovakschool).

Staffordshire University

I have my own small photo studio in The Hague ( where I like to make autonomous work and occasionally shoot commissioned work.

My motto and advice to young people would be, 'Do and make what you like and be good to others'.