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Greg Friedler

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Greg Friedler - polaroid
Greg Friedler – polaroid

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Greg Friedler was an internationally renowned visual artist and a prolific photographic artist.

Friedler was born in New Orleans in 1970. He received his bachelor’s degree in political science and French from the University of Colorado at Boulder in 1993. Greg received his Masters of Fine Art from the School of Visual Arts in Photography and Media in 1996.

Friedler was a curious observer and keen documentary maker regarding the human condition. He was fueled by a genuine desire to fully see, understand, empathize, analyze and summarize his fellow human beings. He was fascinated by identity, existence and how people fit into a particular society. His portraits try to strip his subjects of their layer of veneer and capture the rawness of their humanity on the page.

Friedler’s art encompasses much more than portraits of people. Friedler’s vision strips life down to its core, raw existence. His rare gift allowed him to connect in front of his camera with the timeless beauty and visceral essences of the world. The breadth of Friedler’s artworks is limitless, as he is not limited to one genre or style. Friedler’s chosen subject matter includes portraits, nudes, still lifes, mixed media paintings, abstracts, typologies and photographs taken while traveling to international destinations.

Greg Friedler Stripped
Friedler – documentaires

Friedler has been the subject of two documentaries: Naked London, broadcast on the BBC in December 1999, and Stripped: Greg Friedler’s Naked Las Vegas, broadcast on Showtime from March 2010 to MArch 2012. He is the author of 6 monographs and his work has been featured in 12 anthologies, including The World’s Top Photographers from 2000. His work has been exhibited in select locations around the world.

Friedler’s sharp wit and dry sense of humor are unforgettable. He loved to spend time with his family, friends and his dog Pepper. He also enjoyed skiing, playing tennis, studying Buddhism and psychology, painting, doing yoga and meditating.

Sadly, Greg Friedler died by suicide in 2015.

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