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(By Em. prof. dr. Liesbeth Woertman – original article here)

Aesthetic speech therapy, I had never heard of it

Two women contacted me via LinkedIn. Social media is great in that regard. You can easily find kindred spirits with a little search. Cathy and Marissa say they are speech therapists and specialize in aesthetic speech therapy. I had never heard of it. They had read my book ‘Je bent al mooi’ and were intrigued by my knowledge and vision of beauty. They asked if they could come over and talk about how they could boost women’s self-esteem. I said yes and we were in my house a few weeks later. Read their story on the website

How can we make women appreciate themselves more?

I met two radiant women who had come all the way from The Hague to talk to me about ‘Je bent al mooi’ and they eagerly told about their practice of aesthetic speech therapy. It was about how the tongue can lie in a mouth and how the many muscles in the face do their job. It was about barely knowing our own face. We nodded a lot in recognition and the smile became wider and wider. We shared our vision that feeling good is important and makes for a beautiful appearance and that many women worry and are insecure about their appearance and how unfortunate that is.

Aesthetic speech therapy focuses on training and relaxing the muscles in the face. It is not a quick fix, they write on their website, but a sustainable way that you and your skin will benefit from for the rest of your life. That appeals to me.

How can we ensure that women value themselves more and dare to show their faces, that was mainly the content of our conversation. The feeling that two women unknown to me, felt so familiar, cheered me up. Professionals from a completely different angle, but actually working on the same thing that I have been committed to for years.

Aesthetic speech therapy I am curious about it and hope they can help many women find their voice and show their many faces.

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Liesbeth Woertman is emeritus professor of Psychology. In 2007/8 she was lecturer of the year at the University of Utrecht. She obtained her doctorate in 1994 on the subject of body image.

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