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 Source: NRC     15 September 2021    Rutger de Quay

  Tired of the supposedly perfect life on Instagram? Then you make a ‘finsta’
Beauty ideal. Young people are insecure by Instagram, according to internal research by Facebook. Users have found a remedy for this themselves: Facebook’s ‘finsta’.
The Wall Street Journal revealed on Tuesday that parent company Facebook was shutting down research that would show teens became insecure about Instagram. 

  Source: CNBC     14 September 2021    Lauren Feiner

  Facebook documents show how toxic Instagram is for teens
Wall Street Journal reports: Facebook has repeatedly found that its photo-sharing app is harmful to a significant percentage of teenagers, according to a Wall Street Journal report published Tuesday.

  Source: De Groene Amsterdammer     4 August 2021    Marijn van der Jagt

  Expelled from Nude Paradise

Flaunting physical beauty on social media elevates perfection to the norm. The multiplicity of the natural body hardly has a podium.

  Source: Standaard     10 July 2021    Standaard

  Norwegians tag edited photos
The Norwegian parliament has passed a law requiring influencers to state that any photos and videos in which the “body shape, size or skin has been altered through retouching or other manipulation” that the appearance has been worked on.


Source: NRC     30 June 2021     Frederiek Weeda

Association for nudists: ‘Normalize nudity’
Campagne For the first time, the association for nude recreationists will announce via radio and TV that nudity is normal.

       UK Parliament logo

  Source: Parliament UK     9 April 2021    Parliament UK.

Changing the perfect picture: an inquiry into body image

People face appearance-based discrimination on a daily basis, at work, in schools and in public spaces. In addition, a decade of soaring social media use, increased exposure to online advertising and a persistent and pervasive diet culture, mean that concerns about the way we look start younger, last longer, and affect more people than ever before. .

  Source: NOS     19 March 2021    NOS

 Quarter of young people dissatisfied with body, ‘belly biggest problem’
Almost a quarter of Dutch young people are insecure about their own body. This percentage is higher for young women: 31 percent of them are not happy with their own mirror image. This is the result of research by 3Vraagt, part of the EenVandaag Opinion Panel, in collaboration withBrandpunt+.

LIbelle logo

 Source: Libelle     13 March 2021    Nienke Pleysier

  Half of all women have a negative body image

“That scale really isn’t going to tell you how much you’re worth”
We look more beautiful than ever these days, cosmetic procedures are normal, and on social media it is all about perfection. Strangely enough, we are less and less satisfied with our appearance. High time to shift the focus, but how?

  Source: NOS     12 March 2021    NOS

  Petition against ‘Gewoon Bloot’ presented to the House of Representatives
Opponents of the new children’s television program Gewoon Bloot have submitted a petition to the House of Representatives. They want to prevent the program from being broadcast. Kees van der Staaij of the SGP was the only MP to receive the petition.

  Source: Beauty Schools Directory     2021

  Body Image: The 2021 List of Facts, Figures, and Statistics
Body image is becoming an increasingly well-known topic, between online campaigns about loving your body, television shows about weight loss, and celebrities being more open about their own struggles with this topic.

  Source: BBC     12 March 2019   Kelly Oakes

  The complicated truth about social media and body image
Many of us suspect that the beautiful, often highly-edited images of people we see on social media make us feel worse about our own bodies. But what does the research say?

  Source: NOS     6 March 2021    Maartje Geels

  Nudity in new children’s program: unnecessary and step too far, or instructive?
“Disgusting and vulgar”, but also “taboo-breaking and instructive”. These are some reactions that appeared on social media to the new children’s program Gewoon Bloot, in which primary school children ask naked people questions. The announcement caused a stir on social media.

  Source: Cosmopolitan     23 February 2021    Jennifer Savin

  This viral tweet about body image struggles and old photos is so relatable
Why do we feel so differently about ourselves when looking back at old pictures?

  Source: Standaard     21 November 2019    Catherine de Kock

  Body Neutrality is Body Positivity 2.0
‘My body is an instrument, not an ornament’. ‘Body positivity’ enthusiastically celebrates bodies of all sizes and shapes. But what if self-love is difficult? Supporters of body neutrality, including Taylor Swift and Jameela Jamil, argue that having a neutral attitude towards your body makes you happier.

  Source: Psychology Magazine     18 December 2014    Mensje Melchior

  The lure of Perfection
Botox, fillers, an eyelid correction: cosmetic surgery is becoming more and more common. And no matter how wound up we are about the new face of Renée Zellweger, there is a good chance that we will one day show up at the clinic ourselves. 4 reasons why perfection will soon be the norm.

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