Naked The Hague teller

AD Den Haag

AD Den Haag Naked The Hague

165 Rotterdammers naked in The Hague this weekend: ‘This is me!’
Exhibition 165 ordinary Rotterdammers undressed en masse for a special photo book. The photos will be exhibited this weekend in The Hague.


AD Naked Rotterdam

Naked I am myself.
Leon Schröder photographed 165 people with their clothes off. His project Naked Rotterdam is a sequel to and a tribute to the Naked series made by the American photographer Greg Friedler (1970-2015).

Metro news

Metro Naked Rotterdam

Three special initiatives from Rotterdam and the surrounding area recently received the Aardig Onderweg Award They can invest the prize money of 12,500 euros in their initiative. In addition, these winners compete for the audience award. Leon Schröder of Naked Rotterdam won in the category ‘Art, Culture and Sport’.

How did you react when you won?
That’s nice, I thought. It’s so hard to compare. The other two projects that were nominated were also very cool, but completely different. It was a surprise what the jury would choose.

Metro news

Abri Naked Rotterdam

These are the winners of the Aardig Onderweg Awards.
The winners of the Nice Road Award have been announced. These three initiatives are competing for the audience award.

Algemeen Dagblad

AD kop Naked Rotterdam

Rotterdam is unquestionably going to be stripped of clothes. For art project Naked Rotterdam inspired by the work of the American photographer Greg Friedler – 165 Rotterdammers had their picture taken, with and without clothes.


AD Naked Rotterdam

165 Rotterdammers expose themselves to a photo book.
Photographer Leon Schröder has done it. He was looking for 150 Rotterdammers who wanted to pose for him with and without clothes for his book Naked Rotterdam.

RTV Rijnmond

RTV Rijnmond Naked Rotterdam

Posing with and without clothes. For his book Naked Rotterdam, photographer Leon Schröder is looking for models who have no problem with that.

Metro news

Metro News

Photographer wants to take a picture of naked Rotterdammers

Naked New York

Lisa Vos calls photographer Leon Schröder (54) from Leidschendam who wants to photograph 150 Rotterdammers naked.