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    Zora Medium

 Bron: ZORA     2 May 2023    Kimberly Fosu

The Skinny Girl Has Feelings Too

We must stop feeding into this cultural idea that there is only one standard of beauty for women

I almost drank the entire bottle of Apetamin when I was 10 or 11 because I was tired of people telling me I was skinny. I have a fast metabolism. They kept telling me I needed to eat more to gain some weight as if something was wrong with how I looked.


 Bron: BBC.com     29 september 2022    Bob Howard

Fatphobia: The Brazil women fighting prejudices

Rayane Souza used to struggle taking the local bus in Vitória, the capital of the Brazilian state of Espírito Santo, 480km (300 miles) north of Rio de Janeiro.

Aged 14, having got stuck in the bus turnstile yet again, and feeling the eyes of the rest of the passengers on her, she vowed never to take this form of public transport again.


 Bron: BBC.com     25 september 2022    Nicola Bryan

Obesity and bullying: Teenagers’ lives captured by photographer
Following years of being bullied about her weight, Shannon decided to send a clear message to her tormentors – she got a tattoo that read “kiss it!” on her bum.

    Nu Logo Naked The Hague

 Bron: NU.nl     26 mei 2022    Naomi Defoer

Een grote neus, flaporen of een slechte huid. Iedereen heeft wel iets wat hij minder mooi vindt aan zichzelf. Bij mensen met body dysmorphic disorder (BDD) gaat dit een stap verder: zij zijn ervan overtuigd dat hun lichaamsdeel afwijkt van de norm. Niek Silvan (33) lijdt aan BDD.


'I Got Naked!

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