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Naked The Hague

I don't live in The Hague (anymore). Can I still participate?

Yes, you can! I am looking for people who have a close relationship with The Hague, for example because you work there or because you were born there.

I want to participate, but what good is it for myself, is it worth it?

It won’t make you any money but there are many other reasons why someone decides to join. Some people want to show that they are proud of their body even if it does not meet the current beauty standards. Some people used to be ashamed of their bodies but are now over it. For them, participation is a confirmation of the regained confidence. But there are also participants who want to immortalize their body and their ‘being’. In short, everyone has their own reasons for doing it or not.
Of the approximately 250 participants, 100 will be selected for publication in the book, but the photos of all participants will be exhibited.

How do you select and how many people will end up in the book?

It will be determined in close consultation with the publisher which photos will be included in the book. It is important that the book shows a good spread (age, origin, profession, motivation(!) , etcetera). The book will contain 100 participants.

I don't want to participate but I think it's a very good project and would like to support it. What are the possibilities?

Please! I need help in many areas to make it a success, so your support would be most welcome! We have set up a foundation to raise funds specifically for this project:

Will my name be in the book?

No, it is anonymous, but you can see your face in the photos. The only details a viewer reads are your occupation and age. I will also include the motivational texts in the book, so why they decided to participate in this (I make more room for this than with Naked Rotterdam).

Where will the photos be taken?

The photo location is not yet known (November 2021), but it will of course be in The Hague. As soon as I have a definitive place where I can photograph for 6 months, I will forward the data to everyone who has registered.

Will there be other people at the shoot?

To ensure that everything runs smoothly and on time on a shooting day, I will probably have an assistant who, for example, arranges the reception of all participants.
Participants are of course free to bring someone along as support. I will inform all participants about this in an email.

Will the book look like Naked Rotterdam?

Yes, that is indeed my aim. In terms of content, more attention will be paid to the theme ‘body image’. This means that there is more space for text and 100 people are shown (instead of 165).

Where are the photos published?

That is difficult to indicate precisely because the media sometimes pick up pieces and they do not always look closely. I will only publish images in the context of this project and the Naked series. My ultimate goal is mainly ‘the book’, but I will probably also post images on the website, just like Friedler. The website must play a central role in this project in order to be able to reach as many people as possible. Photos are important here.

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