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The plan to start Naked The Hague dates back to 2018, so right after Naked Rotterdam. That is also logical given the fact that the project in Rotterdam has had such an tremendous impact on me. Still, it didn’t get any further than fantasizing about ‘what if…?’

In 2021 the switch turned for me. Every time I read another article about the problems with our body image; how social media ensures that we are no longer satisfied with the way we look. Jinek LogoAlso in the talk shows on TV it seems to be more and more about self-acceptance and body image. A plastic surgeon recently told Jinek that people used to come to him with a photo of a movie star. “That’s what I want to look like.” ‘Nowadays people come up with a photo of themselves that has been edited with filters.’

In short, I want to use Friedler’sconcept to confront people with ‘normal bodies’ and get them to talk again about body image and the unrealistic urge for perfection.

Good idea? Uh, no!

My project in Rotterdam (2017) was a graduation project. It was then important that I do everything within the school year. That time pressure does not exist now. I could start everything thoroughly thought through and well prepared this time.
Stichting Fotografie in BeeldIn Rotterdam I paid for everything out of my own pocket (and the book production with crowdfunding money). From the rental of the space (thanks to Flexizone very affordable) to the website, appointment software, transport, coffee and tea, etc.

In order not to get into financial problems myself, it seemed a good idea to raise funds in time. Many funds have the condition that only a legal person can submit an application and that you cannot apply as a sole proprietor.
That is why I have decided to set up a foundation, with a fully-fledged board.

The Stichting Fotografie in Beeld aims to make a positive contribution to the appreciation of photography in general and to the awareness process with regard to the quality and meaning of images (photos) in our society in particular.

This summer, the board submitted applications to the Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds, the Gravin van Bylandt Foundation and the VSB Fund. They were well-written texts with a clear project plan including budget. Unfortunately, all applications were immediately rejected. Apparently we just can’t do this well…

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