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Believe you are not quite right in your head!

The articles in the newspaper and the interviews on the radio are of course very helpful in recruiting participants. People who take the time to read the article, then look at this site to continue reading, are then well informed and can make an informed decision to participate. 

When recruiting participants for Naked Rotterdam, I noticed that a personal approach works best. Of course. That makes sense, especially with a subject like this. That is why I will soon be taking to the streets again to speak to people and tell them about the project. 

Another ‘recruitment campaign’ is through Facebook Messenger. I have prepared a neat text in which I briefly tell people about the project. I ask if they want to participate and if not, if they know someone else who would like to participate. Most reactions are positive. Not so much of ‘I’m in’, but ‘oh, what a good project, good luck but not for me. I’ll follow it!’ Sometimes I get a negative response and I’ve decided to share them with you every now and then. 

“Believe that you are not quite right in the head, you should ask the King Willem and his fat daughter Amalia”
“What d’you mean naked”
“Not geting a picture taken or anything”
“Hi Leon, thank you for your interest, but unfortunately I can’t pose naked due to my position as a general practitioner. Good luck!”
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