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Naked The Hague
This is what it's all about and why you should join!

Over the past few days (Christmas and New Year’s Eve) I have been extra busy approaching people via Facebook to participate in Naked The Hague. It is of course a very impersonal approach, but the reactions are mostly positive.

In Rotterdam I mainly took to the streets to address people. That is more personal, but it resulted in less good conversations. I notice that people via FaceBook have taken the time to read my message, sometimes have also looked at the website, and then respond. So that works. I’m certainly not a FaceBook fan (with ‘naked’ in the title you’ll soon have done it with them) but being able to search by place name is very nice.

And then this. I share this message with you but unfortunately it is no exception. I get texts like this a lot and it’s pretty sad.

“Dear Leon, Thank you for your message and best wishes to you too. A wonderful project and what guts those people have. I just looked at your website and I don’t know if I would dare to do something like that. I don’t think it’s really anonymous. What if my students suddenly see me standing naked?
Unfortunately I can’t imagine that anyone would want to see me naked at all, but that has more to do with my self-image, of course.
On the beach I also prefer not to walk towards the sea in a bikini, then I think I look terrible. Dressed, on the other hand, I look the part.😅
Gosh, it could of course work out positively for me for my inner psychic struggle. I have to think very carefully about this. Sincerely.”
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