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(By Em. prof. dr. Liesbeth Woertman – original article here)

I don’t know why, but I’m inundated with media requests. De Telegraaf spoke to me about young women and cosmetic surgery and the amazement why everyone wants to look alike with those thick lips and fillers in the face of a young person who doesn’t need that at all. The Belgian magazine Goed Gevoel had held a survey among its readers about make-up use in the corona time and what turned out? Belgian women use much less make-up than before. The magazine Vriendin had conducted a survey among its readers about turning 50 with a nod to Maxima. Yes, getting older is a thing in the world of glitter and glamour.

I also talked about the Sante and the Libelle and Psychology Quest but about that another time. The Belgian journalists are also noticeably more polite than the Dutch and well prepared, but there are always exceptions.

Do I dare to show my face? Do I dare to show myself? And dare I be someone on my own and look different from the group?

Anyway, today in this column attention is paid to the magazine Gezond Nu that May 25th is in the store. Or rather, attention to the journalist, a young woman, who conducted the interview. She was well prepared and we had a nice conversation about the influence of our environment on our behavior. She and a friend of hers, they are young women in their late twenties, try to live as consciously as possible. Among many other questions, wearing makeup on a daily basis also kept them busy. Why are we doing this and for whom, they wondered? One question to me was whether makeup was bad. No, I said, nice to decorate yourself when you go to a party, but it becomes a bit problematic if you don’t dare to get half brown without makeup. We laughed.

I find it encouraging that some of the young women are asking themselves this question. Do I dare to show my face? Do I dare to show myself? And dare I be someone on my own and look different from the group?

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Liesbeth Woertman is emeritus professor of Psychology. In 2007/8 she was lecturer of the year at the University of Utrecht. She obtained her doctorate in 1994 on the subject of body image.

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