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Dabvid Weersma Naked The Hague
'Good Things Coming My Way!'

Tales and Tunes Naked The HagueIf you think being insecure about your own body image typically only applies to women, you’re wrong. In recent years, men have become more and more aware of how they look. As a result, the number of men who have a negative self-image has also grown.

Until I was about 12 years old and puberty started, I, Leon, was seen as ‘fat’. Because I very actively started with sport, although not for that reason, that changed and with it my self-image. I gained more confidence in myself and that wasn’t just physically.

The son of a good friend of mine has a similar story. David Weersma plays rugby for the Netherlands, lives in Spain and, in addition to rugby, makes music as a profession. He writes and sings and accompanies himself on guitar.
David wrote and sings a track especially for the Naked The Hague project. The song is called:’
Good Things Coming My Way‘.

His Instagram channel is called ‘Tales and Tunes’ and you can find it here: @talesandtunes

David Weersma Naked The Hague David Weersma Naked The Hague. David Weersma Naked The Hague

My name is David Weersma and I come from Voorburg. I am a professional rugby player and have been playing abroad since I was 16. First in South Africa, then to France and for several years now in Burgos, Spain. I have also been playing in the Dutch national team for 5 years. Music has always been a common thread through my life, and when there is time I like to schedule performances. Last year I also started a new program called Tales & Tunes, which can be heard on Instagram and Youtube in which I play songs and bring up certain personal memories, or interesting information behind the song.

Good Things Coming My Way (Lyrics)

I’m kinda fat, I’m kinda lazy, sort of going through the movements.
I seem to be the only one who doesn’t know what he is doing.
I’m Looking all around me trying to find out who’s what
Just to end up seeing all the things that I’m not
It’s like these people that I am seeing are some type of superhumans

Pre Chorus
Why is it I feel so alone,
Every time I pick up my phone
Is it all these things that I’m shown
That cut me straight to the bone.

Why do I keep on focussing on everything that I am lacking,
When I’m so lucky to be having all the things that I’m having.
Why are those above me the only ones that I see
While so many people wish they could live like me.
I want to change this way I think so I can focus on what matters

I’m up thinking all through the night
Still have no solution in sight
But If today I don’t get it right
Maybe tomorrow I might

Maybe the secret to it all is that I shouldn’t be comparing.
To care a little less about what people do or what they’re wearing.
Why would I be thinking of the person next door?
When I’ve got all these things that I should be grateful for!
Perhaps this way I can be happier with all the things we’re sharing

The only thing that should matter today
Is that I’m Better than I was yesterday
As long as I do that I can say:
There’s good things coming my way.

So, perhaps I’m fat, perhaps I’m lazy, it all depends on where I’m looking.
Best I can do is try to keep on focussing on self-improvement
I don’t think that I am a finished product just yet
But I damn well know I’ll keep on working on that
I am responsible for working on the future of my choosing.

The only thing that should matter today
Is that I’m better than I was yesterday
As long as I do that I can say:
There’s good things coming my way.

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