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From autumn 2021 to late summer 2022

Naked The Hague is an extensive photography project with a social objective. It has different manifestations (the website, social media channels, the photography, the book, etc.) and will take about 10 months to a year. There is a responsibility with regard to the quality of the work towards the Friedler family and of course towards all participants who literally expose themselves for this project.

Small team
Despite its size, the entire project is currently only run by 3 people: Destiny, who advises on the use of social media, Marieke, who assists with photography and arranges the reception of participants, and myself, Leon. I photograph, build and maintain the website, take care of the recruitment of and contact with the participants and I do the PR.

In addition to this permanent team, a number of people occasionally work on the project. This varies from help with setting up the set where the photo is taken, to, for example, checking a press release.
The Stichting Fotografie in Beeld was established specifically for this project with the aim of raising funds and demonstrating transparent financing. The three board members work on a voluntary basis and therefore receive no compensation for their work.


The project consists of several phases and the budget is constructed on the basis of these:

The hours worked by me (750) are in the budget for € 40,-/hour. I do not ask for compensation for the work, so the final amount of the budget is not € 84,500, but ‘only’ € 50,000.
The crowdfunding platform ‘Voor de Kunst’ will be used for the production of the book. I hope to collect the remaining € 25,000 from donations from the business community.


Call or email the Stichting Fotografie in Beeld:
telephone: +31 6 415 953 97

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