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(By Em. prof. dr. Liesbeth Woertman – original article here)

Ten years ago, the Viva had conducted a self-image survey among their readers, and recently they did it again. 41.5% percent of women describe their self-image as more often positive than negative and 22.3 percent consider it positive. This is consistent with the previous 2012 survey.

That is very interesting. De Viva is a magazine for young women and in those ten years quite a bit has changed. Think of the selfies, the increased influence of Instagram and all kinds of editing apps appeared on the market and cosmetic procedures seem more and more common. Yet, women do not seem to have become more dissatisfied with their bodies.

Wie neemt het stokje over om lichamen in alle soorten en maten te verbeelden?

Ten years ago, 25 percent of women considered happiness the most important thing in life. Now almost 60 percent think so. Followed by feeling good about yourself and good health. Now these are difficult data to interpret because the pressures of the cosmetic industry, in part, run along those lines of wellbeing and health. Products are recommended and sold precisely through these kinds of terms. Still, I found the results encouraging. The general idea that young women are becoming increasingly dissatisfied does not seem to hold true.

Unfortunately, the Viva will stop at the end of July 2021. They have made an interesting contribution to questions about sexuality and contraception and the body image of many young women. Think of the AnyBody section and again with Every body happy. Their latest issue is all about body image culture with images and stories of different women.

Wie neemt het stokje over om lichamen in alle soorten en maten te verbeelden?

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Em. prof.dr. Woertman

Liesbeth Woertman is emeritus professor of Psychology. In 2007/8 she was lecturer of the year at the University of Utrecht. She obtained her doctorate in 1994 on the subject of body image.

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