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'Why not..?!'

That sounds very lame, but it is meant seriously. What is it that makes our first reaction is ‘Of course not!’. My experience is that the reason ‘why not’ is our first feeling and certainly not rational. In fact, it is sometimes a reason to participate. ‘I’m a general practitioner, so my patients see me naked’ – It seems very correct to me. An even playing field. Someone who literally and figuratively exposes himself, who is open and extremely vulnerable, deserves respect!

'I'm a doctor, so my patients see me naked..'

One of the goals of Naked The Hague is to raise the subject of body image and in particular the pressure from the (social) media to have a perfect body; to show ‘ordinary’ bodies in a counter-movement to the sophisticated wave of images that inundates us daily.

But, of course, everyone has their own motivation to participate in this project and that’s fine.

The experience with Naked Rotterdam is that there are a number of common reasons that vary from ‘I just like it’ and ‘I want to have myself immortalized in a book’to ‘with my participation I show that I now accept myself as I am’ and “I do it for my kids to show you don’t have to be perfect.”

I am very curious about your reasons.
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