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Body positivity or body neutrality. The Belgians pay attention to it

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(By Em. prof. dr. Liesbeth Woertman – original article here)

Body positivity is a response to the compelling ideal of beauty. I believe that black women have started to draw attention to more diversity in the ideal of beauty. Later, other women were added who also agitated against the white and thin ideal of beauty. The Goed Gevoel magazine already paid attention to it last April and now again. See the link below for extensive interviews with three women.

I hardly ever see a positive representation of my body.

See your body rather as a valued companion for the route as the Belgians so beautifully express it, which offers you a lot of possibilities and which deserves to be judged more broadly than purely on beauty. We cannot be neutral about our bodies, I say in this interview. What is feasible is to shift the focus from perfect to good enough.

In addition to myself, a Belgian psychologist Hespel and three other women tell their experiences around their body experiences. One of the women says: “I hardly ever see a positive representation of my body”. And another woman comments: “How positive is it really for your self-image if you live by likes and comments?

And that’s how it is.

The more diverse images there are in the media, the more women see themselves represented and can therefore become more satisfied.

It doesn’t really matter to me whether we call it body positivity or body neutrality, by the way, positive body image and a neutral body image are also allowed in Dutch, but okay, if these words help to make the manipulated ideal images more diverse and more towards real bodies, then I don’t hear me complaining.

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