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Den Haag FM interview

Today, November 3rd, feels like the first official, public moment of the ‘Naked The Hague’ project. Of course I’ve been working on the preparations for months and I’m talking to Jan en Alleman to bring my story to the attention, but now, today, it became a bit more real again.

Yesterday afternoon I was called by Bob Brinkman of Den Haag FMwith the question if I would like to come and tell something today in his morning radio show ‘Bob Staat op’, at Den Haag FM. Of course I wanted that although I am now very aware that there is not yet 100% certainty whether it can all go through.

Photos: Den Haag FM

At There I was, 9 AM, sitting at the table with Bob at the Spui in the library. He was clearly interested in the subject and was very happy with the book by Naked Rotterdam that I gave him as a present. In a relatively short time I was able to tell my story and point the listeners to the address of the website. Bob indicated that, later in the project, he would like to speak with me again in order to follow the project. It goes without saying that I thought that was a good idea too. In short, ‘to be continued!’.

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